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One of our experienced passport photo team will take your passport or visa photograph and will ensure it meets the current sizing and composition requirements, for every country.

Photoland is a preferred supplier of passport and visa photographs to the US Consulate, UK High Commissioner, Korean Consulate, Canadian Consulate, and many more.

And remember, Photoland Passport and Visa photographs are supplied with our 100% Acceptance Guarantee. If the photos are rejected by the relevant authorities, we'll do it again for no extra cost, or give you a full refund.

Email Service

Too busy to come into our store?

Why not take the photos at home or office! Just follow the guide below and email your photos through to!

The email service is especially suitable for kids or newborns.

Passport & Visa Photographs

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Passport Photos

Please email a few images to

Please send images at the highest quality/resolution as possible.

Visa and Passport Photo Sydney

  • Use a plain background (white or neutral colour).
  • Ensure the camera is level with the subject’s head.
  • Hair must be off eyebrows and face.
  • Neutral expression - no smiling, no teeth visible.
  • Ensure that the light on the face is even to avoid shadows.
  • Take the photo from the chest up and leave plenty of space around the head. (This will assist when cropping and resizing the image.)

Email and attach photos here!

Baby Passport Photos

Even the youngest babies need a passport to travel with a photo ID. The dimensions, background, and format requirements for baby passport photos are the same as for adult documents. Usually, parents prefer to take infant photos themselves as it is more convenient and faster than taking a baby to a photo studio.

If you are in the Sydney area you can visit us at Shop No. 5, 60 Elizabeth Street, Sydney where an experienced passport photographer will ensure your baby's photograph meets the correct composition, background, and current sizing requirements for Australia. Photoland is a preferred supplier of visa and passport photographs to many consulates including the US Consulate, Canadian Consulate, Korean Consulate, UK High Commissioner, etc.

Our experienced passport photographers know all the different requirements for every country and our photographs come with a 100% acceptance guarantee. And if our photographs are rejected for any reason by the relevant authorities we will retake the photos at no cost or provide a complete refund.

Guidelines for Taking Baby Passport Photos at Home

You can take a few images of your baby at home and email them to us at and our passport photo experts will take care of everything for you. Here are a few things you should do to ensure the best image possible:

  • Please take images at the highest resolution possible
  • Hold the camera about one and a half meters away from the baby's face
  • Ensure that there is good lighting and avoid any shadows around or on the face
  • Leave plenty of background space around the head and shoulders to assist us when sizing and cropping the photos
  • Use a neutral colour as a background like a plain sheet or blanket
  • It is easier to lay the baby down flat on a bed when taking the photographs
  • The head of a newborn infant can be supported more easily (remember no hands should be visible in the photo)
  • Ensure that the baby's head is centred in the middle of the photograph with plenty of space around the edges
  • Wait for the right moment when the baby's eyes are open and looking at the camera.
  • Some countries allow very young infants' eyes to be closed.
  • If the child is more than 1 year old the mouth should be closed and the child should be looking directly at the camera
  • Take a couple of images and email them to Photoland! We will do the rest!

Photoland takes all the hassle and stress out of getting your baby's passport ready before your trip by ensuring that it meets all the relevant requirements for passport applications. We provide prompt and professional service for newborn and toddler passport photos and a convenient home delivery service in Sydney and surrounding areas. You can trust Photoland for all your passport and visa photograph requirements.

Passport Photo

Navigating the requirements for passport photos can be a bit confusing, but fear not—we're here to answer all your questions and ensure your passport application process is smooth sailing.

1. Why is a Passport Photo Necessary?

A passport photo is a crucial component of your passport application. It serves as a visual representation of your identity and helps immigration officials recognize and verify you when you travel. Having a clear and compliant passport photo is essential for a hassle-free application process.

2. What are the Australian Passport Photo Requirements?

For Australian passports, the photo must meet specific criteria to be considered valid. Here are the key requirements:Size: The photo should be 45-50mm in height and 35-40mm in width. Head Size: Your head should be positioned in the center of the photo, and it should measure 32-36mm from the crown to the chin. Expression: A neutral expression is required, with both eyes open and clearly visible. No smiling or frowning! Background: The background must be plain white or light-colored. Attire: Avoid clothing that blends into the background. Religious headwear is allowed as long as it doesn't obscure your face.

3. Can I Take a Passport Photo Myself?

Yes, you can take your passport photo yourself, but it's crucial to adhere to the guidelines mentioned above. Ensure good lighting, a neutral expression, and a plain background. However, for professional and compliant photos, many people prefer using a passport photo service to guarantee that their photos meet all the necessary requirements.

4. Can I Wear Glasses in My Passport Photo?

While glasses are generally allowed, they should not obstruct your eyes, and the frames should not cover any part of your eyes. To avoid glare, it's recommended to tilt your glasses slightly downward.

5. What Should I Do if My Child Needs a Passport Photo?

Children, even infants, need their own passport photos. The same guidelines apply, with additional considerations for infants. They should be alone in the photo, with no toys or other people visible. Laying them on a plain white or off-white sheet often helps achieve the right background.

6. Can I Wear a Head Covering or Hat in My Passport Photo?

Generally, head coverings are not allowed unless they are worn for religious or medical reasons. Even in such cases, the covering should not obscure any part of your face. It's advisable to check with the relevant authorities if you have specific concerns about head coverings.

7. How Recent Should My Passport Photo Be?

Passport photos should be recent, typically taken within the last six months. This ensures that your appearance is an accurate reflection of your current self.

8. Can I Smile in My Passport Photo?

No, you should maintain a neutral expression in your passport photo. A smile can affect facial recognition technology and may lead to the rejection of your photo.

9. What Should I Do if My Passport Photo Is Rejected?

If your photo is rejected, don't panic. Common reasons for rejection include incorrect size, improper background, or facial expressions. Review the guidelines, retake the photo, and ensure it meets all the specified requirements before resubmitting.

10. Where Can I Get Passport Photos Taken?

Passport photos can be taken at various locations, including photography studios, post offices, and even some pharmacies. Additionally, numerous online services allow you to upload a photo and receive compliant passport photos by mail.

11. How Much Does It Cost to Get Passport Photos Taken?

Costs for passport photos vary depending on where you get them taken. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 for a set of passport photos. Online services may have different pricing structures, so it's advisable to check beforehand.

12. How Long Does It Take to Receive Passport Photos Online?

If you opt for an online passport photo service, the processing time may vary. Many services offer expedited shipping options, allowing you to receive your photos within a few days. However, standard shipping may take a week or more, so plan accordingly.In conclusion, ensuring your passport photos meet the required specifications is a crucial step in the passport application process. By following these guidelines, you'll increase the likelihood of a seamless experience. If you have any specific concerns or questions not addressed here, it's always a good idea to consult with the passport issuing authority or seek professional assistance. Safe travels!
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Tanya Gabe
Tanya Gabe
9 days ago
They offer ID photos specific for Chinese visa application. The wait time was 1 hr. I found their staff to be friendly and more
Sammy Dawn
Sammy Dawn
23 days ago
Victor was very responsive and patient. He also gave good recommendations on how to get our print on canvas mounted on a wood frame. As i had absolutely no idea how things are done etc , his expertise helped make this job seamless! Thank you so much! To top it all, his prices are transparent and reasonable!read more
Charlotte Jackson
Charlotte Jackson
26 days ago
Wonderful experience. I first went into the store very tentatively, not sure if I ‘needed’ a custom made frame, however, having Victor’s consultative input on the different frame designs and customisable feature was so valuable. In the end Victor helped create a beautiful frame for my father in law’s memorial service sheets. As you can imagine, this was a sensitive thing to put in someone else’s hands but the team treated everything with such care and the finished product looks amazing.Thanks guys, would 100% more
Simon Gould
Simon Gould
a month ago
#aboveandbeyond Victor and the Photoland team produced the most fantastic framed photo gift for me to surprise my partner with. They combined the half marathon medal and number with a photo from the finish line - the end product far surpassed my expectations . Real customer service, great communication - no wonder they are the only photo framing place in the CBD. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks again more
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith
a month ago
Victor and Photoland are the best people I deal with - incredibly friendly, professional and good value. It's always such a pleasure to visit them. They've done so many jobs for me personally and professionally and there's never been a single mistake. Absolutely wonderful service. Plus they are good at rushing things through last minute. They have never let me down. Best service and range you can get. They totally know what they are talking about when it comes to more
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