Making a Forever Family Photo Album

5 Key Tips in Making a Forever Family Photo Album

Family time is sacred time. After all, the most precious moments in life are the lovely memories we build with our family—birthdays, graduations, first steps, the first day of school, weddings—they are special times spent with those we love the most. So, how can you preserve such precious family memories? With a family photo album

Human beings are natural storytellers and with a photo album, we can hang on to our story. We can highlight our kids’ milestones, tell them about their late relatives, and so much more! Read below to find out why you should preserve your precious family memories in a photo album:

What Is a Family Photo Album? 

A family photo album is simply a photo album containing pictures of family members. It documents special occasions, family accomplishments, events, and other activities. It is easily one of the most cherished things to have in your home, preserved for future generations to see. The great thing about a family photo album is that it can be about anything. Here are some ideas:

  • Annual family yearbooks
  • Graduations and milestones
  • Time with mum and dad
  • A book of firsts
  • The changing seasons
  • Generations and family tree
  • Family holidays
  • Father’s day and mother’s day

Benefits of storing Family Memories in a Photo Album

  • Preserving Our Memories

With the advent of cameras on smartphones, photos are easily taken for granted, not realising that we can lose some memories forever. Life passes by very quickly, and our memories also get progressively worse every day. Luckily, family albums keep our extra special moments so we can revisit them with a simple flip through the pages!

  • A Chance to Tell Our Story

From birth to our first milestones, school, and graduation, we can recount our life events with an album. Moreover, life is fragile, and sometimes we lose loved ones along the way. With a photo album, their story lives on

  • Technology Fails but Albums are Reliable 

We risk losing our favourite photos on our laptops and phones or losing them in endless folders when relying on digital photos. Backups could stop working, causing us to overlook or lose memories that we’ve recorded over the years of our life.

  • Special Family Heirlooms

Because every book is filled with distinct, individual photographs that individually tell a narrative and represent a moment family members would like to remember, photo albums become highly meaningful artifacts in our life. Our memories and life’s moments can therefore be passed down to future generations. 

Making a Forever Family Photo Album

5 Tips for Making a Family Photo Album That Lasts 

1). Make Your Album Gradually Throughout the Year

Looking for photos at the end of the year can be daunting. You may have to search through thousands of photos! That’s why you should create a folder and collect your photos gradually throughout the year. 

You could even start designing your album since most applications and websites allow you to start creating a project, save it and edit it for as long as you like.

2). Set Goals for Photos You Want to Take Each Month

What happens when you’ve barely taken enough photos to make your yearly photo books? Perhaps you have no idea what to put in the first place? 

Know what you want to go in your album, and take a specified number of photos each month to make a meaningful, chronological family photo book. 

3). Use Descriptive Headings and Text

It’s always a good idea to split your family photo album into sections, whether it covers a specific event (like birthdays) or a review of a certain year. Organise your photographs into groups to tell a story logically. 

That said, using headlines will come in handy. You should also add some descriptive text because how often do you look at a family photo and forget the date it was taken or who the people are?

4). Always Have a Photo Organisation System

Making an album is far more challenging when selecting photos from a large number of randomly taken pictures. That’s why you should have folders organised in reverse-chronological sequence. Date each folder by year and add subfolders for each month inside it to make it easier to make your album. 

5). Remember that Done is Better than Perfect

Always keep in mind that progress is better than perfection. So don’t worry too much about having the most perfect images, having coherent page layouts, or if your photos were taken with a camera or a phone. Pick your favourite pics and make an album since completion is better than not having anything in pursuit of perfection!

Final Thoughts

Every year, you create fresh family memories that you’ll want to keep in your memory forever. A photo album makes sure that your pictures are treasured for years to come. Family albums are also excellent souvenirs or gifts. Get yours today!

Buy Photo Books and Photo Albums From Photoland

Need help putting together a professional family photo album?  Take the first step towards having your own photo album by contacting Photoland. With the help of our skilled photographers, digital design specialists, and cutting-edge design tools, we can assist you in creating beautiful family picture albums. 

We’ll give you many options for personalising your photobook, and if you’re feeling creative, we can help you design it from scratch. Turn your personal photos into priceless memories. 

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